Approximately 15 to 25 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. Over 80 percent of these miscarriages occur during the first trimester. A miscarriage may occur due to a slight negligence on the mother’s part, which can be avoided easily if preventive measures are taken. In this article, we’ll discuss the useful home remedies for miscarriage prevention in depth.

What Is Miscarriage?

In a miscarriage, the pregnancy spontaneously ends before 20 weeks of pregnancy without any intent to do so. It can result from any complication interfering with the fetus’ development. Approximately 20 percent of women who conceive experience miscarriage.

In some cases, defects in the fertilization of eggs can be a reason for miscarriage. But, mostly, it occurs due to the restricted development and growth of the fetus. Mother’s body functioning, mainly involving the reproductive system, can also affect the pregnancy. Although miscarriage is not rare, it leads to severe emotional damage for the mother and the entire family.

Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Following symptoms during pregnancy can be the symptoms of miscarriage.

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Lower abdominal cramps
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Tissue loss from the vagina
  • Fluid loss from the vagina

Causes Of Miscarriage 

Miscarriage can occur due to any of the below-mentioned reasons.

Chromosomal Abnormality

In most cases, miscarriage is caused by the abnormal chromosome pairing in the fetus. The abnormal pairing usually occurs when the embryo is developing from a zygote through division.

Maternal Disease

If the mother is suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, bacterial or viral infections, thyroid diseases, hormonal fluctuations, and reproductive disorders increases the miscarriage risk among pregnant women.


The risk of miscarriage increases with age among females. Women older than 35 years old are at higher risk of experiencing miscarriage than younger ones. The ratio of miscarriage increases as women’s age increases over 35.

Smoking or Alcoholic Consumption

Women who smoke or are used to alcohol consumption are at higher risk of pregnancy complications. Even a small intake of alcohol disturbs the growth and development of the fetus and increases the miscarriage risk.

Underweight or Overweight 

Women who are obese or underweight are at risk of having miscarriages. Abnormal weight disturbs the hormonal level in the female’s body, which further alters the normal functioning of the reproductive tract and causes premature birth or miscarriage.

Illicit Drug

Women who are addicted to drugs can never proceed with normal childbearing duration. There is always a high risk of abnormal birth, premature birth, defect in the development of the fetus, and miscarriage among drug abusers.

Overdose Of Drug

Having an overdose on some drugs, such as antidepressants, imposes a high risk of miscarriage among pregnant women. Therefore it is always recommended to inform your doctor about the medicines and the doses you are taking.

Home Remedies For Miscarriage Prevention

Pregnant women must be more careful about their living routine as each and every act of the mother will directly affect the developing fetus in the mother’s uterus. Slight negligence can result in severe complications, including miscarriage. But, miscarriage can be prevented effectively through simple and easy-to-follow home remedies, as mentioned below.

Increase Your Folic Acid Intake

a pregnant woman taking folic acid supplements-one of the effective home remedies for miscarriage prevention.

Women near pregnancy are always recommended to take sufficient amounts of folic acid. Folic acid is the man-made form of folate or vitamin B9. It prevents women from a miscarriage by reducing the risk factor of pregnancy-associated pregnancy.

Studies have shown that folate effectively prevents neural tube defects during pregnancy which can otherwise lead to miscarriage. Neural tube defects include various birth defects that damage the development of the brain and spinal cord in the fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Neural tube defects or NTDs occur because of the inability of the neural spine to close properly and develop into the brain and spinal cord. It has been observed that more than 3000 pregnancies are affected by neural tube defects per year in the United States. But women who start taking sufficient folate reduce the risk of neural tube defect by 70%.

Folic acid also reduces the risk of anemia among pregnant women, which can otherwise be a prime reason for miscarriage. Folic acid helps produce sufficient red blood cells, thus providing adequate oxygen and nutrition to the fetus. It further helps in the healthy development of the fetus and reduces the chances of miscarriage.

Boost Your Zinc Consumption

Zinc deficiency can also become a main reason for miscarriage among women. Studies have shown that sufficient intake of zinc help women maintain pregnancy and reduce the chances of miscarriage. Women may get deficient in zinc because of the competition of other nutrients with zinc for absorption. Therefore, it is always recommended that females near pregnancy boost their zinc intake by eating food such as lean meat, egg yolk, and whole grains. Zinc supplements can also work well to fulfill the demand for zinc in a pregnant woman.

Maintain Progesterone Level

Progesterone, also known as the pregnancy hormone, plays a vital role in maintaining pregnancy. The optimal level of progesterone is needed for the thickening of the uterus wall, which is responsible for the proper growth of the fetus. Decreased progesterone level among pregnant women is the leading cause of miscarriage among pregnant women. There, each pregnant woman should optimize her blood progesterone level during pregnancy.

Increased magnesium and vitamin B6 intake can boost progesterone production among females. Females can also boost their progesterone levels by eating foods such as seeds, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts, and egg yolk. Progesterone can also be given in the form of supplementation.

Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

vitamin C chemical formula

Women taking sufficient amounts of vitamin C are at less risk of miscarriage. Vitamin C works by strengthening the uterus walls. It further helps in the strong attachment of the embryo to the uterus, which prevents the detachment of fertilized eggs from the uterus. Pregnant women must have strong connective tissues and strengthened tissues of blood vessels. Vitamin C intake helps women accomplish all the above-mentioned functions.

It is recommended to eat food providing a sufficient amount of bioflavonoids. It is because bioflavonoids are needed for the proper absorption of vitamin C. To increase vitamin C, females should eat citrus fruits, including grapes and limes, and berries are the best options to increase bioflavonoid intake. Vitamin C supplements can also be taken according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Eat a Nutrient Dense Diet

Improper intake of nutrients or intake of a nutrition-deficient diet can also lead to miscarriage. An enriched diet is needed for the maintenance of pregnancy, normal metabolic functioning of the female body during pregnancy, and the development of the fetus in the uterus. Anu minute disturbance in metabolic functioning can result in complications and miscarriage.

Pregnant women must eat a regular and nutrient-dense diet. It will help maintain a healthy level of blood hormones and a healthy placenta and reduce the risk of miscarriage. It will be best to start eating a nutrition-dense diet at least 3 months before your pregnancy when you are planning to conceive.

Try Abdominal Massage

Lower abdominal massage during pregnancy will boost the blood supply to the uterus. A proper supply of blood to the uterus provides sufficient nutrients to the fetus and maintains the thickening of the uterus. This further reduces the risk of miscarriage among females.

Studies have shown that females who do not perform any exercise or any other activity to boost blood circulation are at higher risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it is always recommended that pregnant women undergo regular fertility-specific massage, which boosts blood circulation in the female reproductive tract.

Take Herbal Supplements

In some cases, causes of miscarriage can be suppressed by herbal supplements. When the female is at risk of miscarriage due to stress, anxiety, depression, and abnormal level of hormones, herbal remedies can work. Mostly herbal supplements such as Vitex and Maca are recommended to pregnant women. Remember, you must take these herbal remedies n the recommendation of the homeopathic doctor. The dose should not be exceeded as it can lead to complications.

Maintain Your Weight

Females are always recommended to maintain their weight. Obesity causes complications in conceiving and even after getting pregnant. Obesity causes the level of female sex hormones and other hormones to fluctuate adversely. These altered hormonal level result in several side effects which affect the developing fetus and increase the chance of miscarriage. 

Women can maintain their weight by maintaining their diet. Fiber-rich and low-calorie diet should be followed to prevent fat accumulation and weight gain. Certain exercises and yogas can also be followed to lose weight. In case when you are not able to lose weight on your own, consult your doctor and proceed accordingly.

Pregnancy-Specific Exercises

To reduce the risk of miscarriage, women should follow some light exercise. Exercises such as walking, swimming, stationary cycling, and pelvic-strengthening yoga are the best option for pregnant women. These exercises boost blood circulation in the body, which reduces the risk factor of pregnancy complications. These exercises also prevent cardiovascular disorders, maintain blood pressure, and lowers body weight.

What To Avoid To Prevent Miscarriage?

Pregnant women must follow the below-mentioned guidelines to ensure a healthy pregnancy and avoid the risk of miscarriage.

  • Avoid eating fish such as shark, tuna, marlin, and some other varieties because they are rich in mercury which increases miscarriage risk among females.
  • Avoid eating undercooked or raw meat. Eating uncooked meat increases the risk of infections among females, posing the risk of miscarriage.
  • Avoid eating raw eggs. Raw eggs contain Salmonella bacteria, which can result in uterus cramps, in severe cases, leading to a miscarriage.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcoholic consumption interferes with the development and growth of a fetus’s brain. It also increases the risk of miscarriage. Therefore pregnant women must stay away from even a minute amount of alcoholic drinks.
  • Limit your caffeine intake. Increased caffeine consumption restricts the proper growth and development of the fetus in the uterus, which can result in miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, it is always recommended that pregnant women limit the number of cups of coffee and tea during pregnancy.


Miscarriage risk can be effectively reduced through natural home remedies. Keeping vigilance is imperative in every aspect of daily life. The remedies and guidelines we discussed above greatly reduce the chances of miscarriage. Setting regular appointments with your doctor is the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

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