Studies have reported that about 31% of males suffer from sexual dysfunctions at some stage in their lives. Sexual dysfunctions can be caused by various factors that affect testosterone levels in males. The couple may not be able to have children as a result, which negatively affects their quality of life. Therefore, males with these dysfunctions must go for proper treatments. 

Most patients avoid conventional treatment for sex-related illnesses because they are afraid to discuss them. But some natural remedies can effectively help these patients to alleviate their symptoms with reduced risk of side effects. Here we will discuss all the natural remedies for male sexual dysfunctions in detail, so keep reading.

What Do You Mean By Male Sexual Dysfunction?

Men who experience persistent complications during intercourse, such as anorgasmia, loss of sexual desires, or intercourse pain, are considered to have sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunctions prevent males from getting satisfaction from sexual activities.

Many males suffer from sexual dysfunctions at some point in their life. But, they often hesitate to talk about these conditions. Many treatments are available for all types of sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, etc. 

Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

All the possible causes which can be responsible for causing sexual dysfunctions among males are mentioned below.

Hormonal Imbalance: The adverse fluctuation in the blood hormonal level (particularly testosterone imbalance) is the leading cause of male sexual dysfunction. The changes in the hormones which occur because of stress, anxiety, and depression can also be the reason for sex-related complications.

Chronic Diseases: Males suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and urinary bladder-related diseases are at more risk of developing sexual dysfunctions.

Lifestyle: Male lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol consumption, drug usage, weight, sleep pattern, and exercise routine can also impact sexual functioning.

Certain Medications: Regular intake of certain medications, such as antidepressants, adversely alter the hormonal level in the body, which can further lead to sexual dysfunctions.

Age: Aging can be a potent reason for sexual dysfunction among males. It is because the level of sex hormones decreases with age, which further affects sexual functioning among males.

Symptoms Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Males with sexual dysfunctions can experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms.

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Loss of libido
  • Difficulty in attaining orgasm
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Inability to get aroused during intercourse

Natural Remedies For Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Natural remedies are always considered the best treatment for all health disorders, including sexual dysfunctions among males. It is because of the lower risk of side effects associated with natural remedies. So, to help you cure sexual dysfunction with natural remedies, below are mentioned natural ways in detail.

Agnus Castus

Agnus castus, or chaste berry, is derived from the ripe berries of the fruit of a Mediterranean shrub, Vitex agnus-castus. It is an effective natural remedy for treating various sexual dysfunctions among males. Particularly, males experiencing erectile dysfunction should go with this herbal remedy. It helps males alleviate sexual weakness and maintain an erection during intercourse.

The sexual dysfunctions among males which can be effectively controlled by the use of Agnus Castus among males include:

This natural remedy improves sexual functioning among males, particularly by boosting the testosterone level. Testosterone is the male sex hormone needed to produce primary and secondary sex characteristics. Decreased testosterone level is always the potent reason for causing sexual dysfunction among males and even in females.

Recovering the normal testosterone level by using any natural remedy such as Agnus Castus will help males recover the sexual complications, including erectile dysfunction. The commonly consumed potency of Agnus castus is 30C. This potency should be taken at least 2 to 3 times a day with a minimum interval of 3 hours.


Maca is a sweet root vegetable native to Peru Andes region. It is usually prepared as a food additive and offers several health benefits. Regardless of other health benefits offered by maca, it is considered an effective natural remedy for male sexual dysfunctions such as loss of sexual drive and erectile dysfunction.

Scientific research has also proven the abilities of maca to boost the sex drive. It can help males to alleviate the loss of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.  Especially if males are experiencing loss of libido due to the regular use of antidepressants, maca is the perfect choice.

Taking 1.5 to 3.5 grams of maca daily is usually considered the safest dose for males experiencing sexual dysfunctions. Depending on your symptoms and the type of sexual dysfunction, the dose, frequency, and duration of this remedy can vary. Although maca is considered safe for males, there is a need for more studies to be conducted to assess its long-term use.


It is an effective natural remedy for male sexual dysfunction, prepared from American Arum. The sexual dysfunctions which can be effectively treated with Caladium include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, cold genitals, and permanently relaxed penis muscles during intercourse.

Caladium is considered more effective for males experiencing erectile dysfunction. Particularly males who are addicted to tobacco consumption, which causes adverse fluctuation in the body’s hormonal level and causes erectile dysfunction, should go with this remedy. The dose of Caladium varies from low to high potency depending on the symptoms, age, and duration of taking this medicine. Initially, 30C of Caladium twice or thrice daily is usually recommended.

Ginkgo biloba

Supplements derived from the Ginkgo biloba tree (one of the oldest tree species) are used for various health problems, including anxiety, depression, and sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown that males can use it as an effective natural remedy for male sexual dysfunctions such as loss of sexual desire. 

It ensures the health of the reproductive tract by boosting the blood supply. Ginkgo biloba has the ability to casue vasodilation in the body. When this dilation occurs in the genitals, surplus blood flows toward the reproductive system and promotes healthy functioning (particularly by removing toxins and an adequate supply of oxygen, food, and needed hormones).

Ginkgo biloba is particularly considered more effective for males with sexual dysfunction who are taking antidepressants. Studies have found that males taking regular Ginkgo biloba supplements have improved their symptoms regarding reproductive ailments. 

The recommended use of these supplements is usually considered safe for the patients, but there is a risk of drug interaction of Ginkgo biloba with blood thinning medications. Therefore, any patient who is taking blood thinning medications (as in the case of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases) should avoid taking Ginkgo biloba.


Lycopodium or stag’s-horn clubmoss, typically grown in temperate forest areas, effectively treats male sexual dysfunction. This remedy is recommended for males experiencing sexual dysfunction in their 20s. The male sexual dysfunctions which can be treated effectively with lycopodium include erectile dysfunction, cold genitals, compulsive sexual behavior, and spermatorrhea.

The loading dose of Lycopodium is 30C. Depending on several factors, including your age and severity of symptoms, you may be prescribed a higher or lower dose. Two doses of 30C are effective in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. One dose is taken in the morning and the other in the evening. You should reduce the dose to once a day once you feel your symptoms have improved.

Selenium Metallicum

This mineral is found in soil and food and is used to treat sterility and erectile dysfunction. Selenium is found in seafood, nuts, and whole grains, which are food sources that alleviate erectile dysfunction.  It is also effective when a man experiences excessive sexual thoughts and strong sexual desire.

Other sexual dysfunctions among males that this remedy can cure include premature ejaculation, compulsive sexual behavior, and hormonal imbalance. Both low and high potency of selenium can be prescribed. In most cases, taking it at a 30C potency twice a day is recommended. Then, depending on your symptoms, this dose can be altered by a homeopathic doctor.


It is a clover-like herb widely cultivated worldwide, particularly in the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia. It is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating sex-related ailments and inflammations. Studies have shown that males looking for natural remedies for sexual dysfunctions such as loss of sexual drive can use fenugreek. 

Fenugreek has healing properties due to its unique compounds that stimulate the body’s production of sex hormones. Sex hormones help males regain their desire for sexual activity. Its supplements contain other micronutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, and pyridoxine, which can also contribute to the therapeutic effects of libido. In most cases, the patients can tolerate the recommended dose, but there is a risk of drug interaction. It can interfere with blood-thinning drugs. There are also acute side effects associated with fenugreek supplements, such as stomach problems.


The zinc content of these shellfish tops is the highest of all foods. Males with sexual dysfunction, such as low libido, can benefit from oysters’ nutrients, including zinc, which boosts the reproductive system’s function.

They mainly work by boosting the level of testosterone in the male body. Phenylalanine is also found in many oysters, which makes it effective for treating loss of sexual desire in males. Additionally, they can boost sperm production, which can benefit sexual drive.


Known as Damiana, Turnera diffusa grows in southern Texas, Central America, Mexico, and South America. Herbal medicine made from dried leaves of the Damiana plant is used to increase sexual drive or libido. It is proven effective in treating the ailment related to male genitalia. 

Males’ sexual dysfunctions, which this remedy can treat, include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, and loss of libido. In most cases, Damiana is given as a tincture. Two to three times a day, take eight drops of Damiana Q in half a cup of water. The potency of the herbal remedy can vary depending on the symptoms, severity, and age of the males experiencing sexual dysfunctions.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are found helpful in improving sexual functions among males. Males can consume these fatty fish as a natural remedy for improving the loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Some commonly consumed fatty fish include salmon, tuna, trout, herring, mackerel, and sardines. 


Now, you must be all clear about the natural remedies for male sexual dysfunctions.

All the remedies we discussed above can effectively alleviate different types of sexual dysfunction among males, such as erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire. Most of these natural remedies boost testosterone production and blood supply to the genitals. If you are taking other medications, particularly blood thinning drugs, you must consult a doctor before using any natural remedy. Otherwise, mild to severe side effects can occur.


Are male sexual dysfunctions temporary or permanent?

Sexual dysfunctions among males can be temporary or longer depending on the specific type and cause behind dysfunctioning. If there are some chronic causes, such as chronic fall in testosterone levels, then males may have to experience sexual dysfunctions for longer.

Are natural remedies effective in curing sexual dysfunctions?

Yes, natural remedies can be effective in curing sexual dysfunctions. The efficacy of natural remedies usually depends on the specific type and cause of sexual dysfunctions. If patients take an appropriate natural remedy in the required dose, frequency, and recommended duration, there are many chances of recovering from the particular complication.

Can life changes help in improving sexual dysfunctions?

Yes, patients can effectively alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction by just changing their lifestyle. For example, if they quit smoking and drinking and start following a healthy diet and exercise plan, it will help maintain the body's hormonal level. Sex hormones will also get boosted with a healthy lifestyle, which can further help alleviate sexual dysfunctions.

The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. Always consult your primary care doctor before using the remedies that are provided. The information is provided by The Hidden Cures and while we do timely, in-depth research on the information that we provide to you, everything stated may not be up to date or accurate from the time it was written.

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