Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among males affecting about 1.41 million men in 2020. If left untreated, the prostate tumor becomes malignant and affects other body parts, making treatment irreversible. The conventional treatment of prostate cancer can be uncomfortable and cause many chronic side effects. To sort out this issue, natural remedies can be used for recovery. Let’s have a look at proven natural remedies for prostate cancer.

What Is Prostate Cancer? 

Cancer developing in the prostate gland in the male is termed prostate cancer. The prostate gland is responsible for producing seminal fluid, which further provides nutrients to sperm and helps in the transport of sperm.

In most cases, cancer remains confined within the prostate gland and can be treated without any complications. But, in the case of aggressive prostate cancer, carcinogenic cells proliferate and spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer 

At the early stage of prostate cancer, patients do not experience any symptoms. As cancer progresses, the following symptoms can develop including:

Causes Of Prostate Cancer 

The reasons for prostate cancer are still unknown. But, like all other causes of cancer, a mutation in the genetic material and DNA present in cells leads to the persistent, purposeless proliferation of the cells, causing cancer. If these carcinogenic cells remain confined to the site where they grow, they cause localized or benign prostate cancer. But, if a tumor divides rapidly and enters blood circulation, it can lead to malignant cancer, affecting other body parts other than the prostate gland.

Proven Natural Remedies For Prostate Cancer 

At the early stage of prostate cancer, treatment is usually unnecessary. It only takes a few healthy changes to the daily routine for patients to recover effectively. Here we’ll discuss the proven natural remedies for prostate cancer.

Increase Vitamin D Intake.

Vitamin D is considered one of the effective natural remedies for prostate cancer. Several studies show that men with low vitamin D levels are at more risk of developing prostate cancer. Also, increased vitamin D intake has been found to decrease the severity of the symptoms of prostate cancer. But how can this vitamin D reduce prostate cancer symptoms? Let’s find it out.

Research has shown that vitamin D helps in reducing the body’s inflammation. Inflammation in different body parts can also be an important reason for several chronic diseases, including cancer. Thus, by preventing inflammation,  vitamin D can alleviate prostate cancer. 6427a4a555861 -

Another piece of evidence showing vitamin D’s effectiveness for prostate cancer is the inverse relation of vitamin D with prostate-specific antigens in the body. Prostate-specific antigen is the protein produced by the prostate gland and is usually present in high amounts among males suffering from prostate cancer. Researchers have found that males taking a significant amount of vitamin D have a lower level of PSA than other men.

In contrast to all we discussed above, no scientific evidence shows that increased vitamin D intake through supplements can reduce prostate cancer. There is a need for more studies and research to find out the vitamin D beneficial effects for prostate cancer. However, if you are going with conventional treatments for prostate cancer, vitamin D intake can alleviate the severity of prostate cancer by preventing many side effects, including osteoporosis.

Men looking for increased vitamin D intake should add edibles such as oranges, cereal, fortified dairy products, nuts, lean meat, salmon, and egg yolk. Exposure to sunlight is another way of boosting vitamin D production in the body. You must recommend increased vitamin D intake to your doctor when going with different medications and conventional treatments for prostate cancer.

Consume Lycopene

Lycopene is the carotenoid present in significant amounts in tomatoes. This carotenoid is a potent antioxidant that can effectively lower the risk of prostate cancer among males. Studies have also shown that men taking regular tomatoes intake have reduced prostate cancer by 35%. Let’s find out how lycopene can help with prostate cancer.

It has been studied that lycopene constricts the blood vessels supplying blood to tumors in prostate glands. By cutting the blood to the prostate tumor, lycopene can inhibit cancer cell growth and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Lycopene being an antioxidant, also works by maintaining cellular health. This antioxidant prevents cell damage by inhibiting cell oxidation caused by free radicals, thus controlling the risk of prostate cancer. 

Like vitamin D, lycopene is also associated with lower levels of prostate-specific antigens. It also prevents the chances of prostate enlargement, which can otherwise be a leading cause of prostate cancer.

Use Green Tea

Consuming green tea can also be beneficial for reducing the severity of prostate cancer. It has been studied that regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of different productive disorders, including benign prostate hyperplasia.

A significant amount of flavonoids are present in green tea, which is a potent antioxidant. These antioxidants further reduce the risk of prostate cancer by preventing inflammation and maintaining the cellular structure of the prostate gland.

Take omega-3 fatty acid 6427a531def26 -

Omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial for prostate cancer. Here are some reasons showing the effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids for prostate cancer. 

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce the risk of cancer. Inflammation, if left untreated, can lead to the development of cancerous cells. 

These fatty acids also restrict the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate gland. This leads to the self-destruction of prostate tumors, alleviating the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Fish oil is well known for its enriched nature with Omega-3 fatty acids—patients can go with fish oil for increased omega-3 fatty acids. 

Increase Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C plays a vital role in preventing prostate cancer by controlling the oxidation of the cells, which otherwise can lead to cancer. It is always recommended for patients at risk of cancer to increase their consumption of vitamin C through foods such as cherries, guavas, parsley, kale, spinach, kiwis, broccoli, brussels sprouts,  and lemons. Vitamin C supplements can also be taken on your doctor’s recommendations.

Increase selenium consumption

Selenium is one of the effective natural remedies for prostate cancer. The following are the reasons which make selenium suitable for prostate cancer.

Selenium inhibits the replication of precancerous cells in the prostate gland. This prevents the growth and spread of cancerous cells, thus preventing prostate cancer. Increased selenium intake has been found to slow down and even reverse the development of the prostate gland.

Foods such as brazil nuts, fish, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, mushrooms, oatmeals, cashew, and bananas contain significant amounts of selenium. They are a good choice for patients with prostate cancer.

Drink Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate has been used for treating various health ailments from ancient times. Pomegranate contains specific compounds such as anthocyanins, tannins, and ellagitannins. All these compounds impart anti-carcinogenic properties to pomegranate. Here are the proofs showing how pomegranate juice effectively cures prostate cancer.

  • Pomegranate juice offers anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent the leading cause of cancer, inflammation. 
  • This juice prevents the proliferation of cancerous cells, thus limiting tumor growth. Pomegranate slows cancer development by controlling the conversion of cancerous cells into malignant tumors.

Use Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is an effective herbal remedy for recovering from prostate cancer. This remedy is known for alleviating the symptoms of benign, malignant hyperplasia. But, recent studies have shown that saw palmetto can be good for prostate cancer because it can prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells. This herb can also result in apoptosis of the cancerous cells, which means saw palmetto can reverse cancer and promote effective recovery.

Use Ginger

Consuming ginger is one of the proven natural remedies for prostate cancer. It has been found that males having a considerable amount of ginger in their diet are at a low risk of developing prostate cancer. It is because of the anticarcinogenic properties of ginger.

Ginger extracts cause the apoptosis of the tumor cells and restrict the growth of the cancerous cells, thus reversing prostate cancer.

Take Quercetin

Quercetin, a flavonoid in natural fruits and vegetables, has solid anticarcinogenic properties, which can help patients cure prostate cancer. This flavonoid cure prostate cancer by preventing the growth of tumor cells and restricting the conversion of benign tumor into malignant ones, thus alleviating the risk of a chronic condition.

Drink Cranberry Juice 6427a4435882d -

Cranberry is often considered an effective way of recovering from the mild symptoms of prostate cancer. It is because a considerable amount of vitamin C is present in cranberries, preventing body inflammation by acting as an antioxidant. Research has shown that the specific compounds known as polyphenols present in cranberry are responsible for their beneficial effects in case of cancer.

Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is another natural cure for prostate cancer because of the concentrated amount of sulforaphane, which slows down the division of carcinogenic cells. Sulforaphane is a sulfur-containing compound that destroys the tumor and prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells.

How To Boost Recovery From Prostate Cancer Naturally? 

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to boost recovery from prostate cancer.

  • Stay active. You can follow different strengthening exercises in your daily routine. Physical activities help prevent the re-occurrence of cancer and quickly alleviate the carcinogenic symptoms.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your regular meal. Select protein-rich and omega-3 fatty acid-rich edibles such as meat, nuts, and grains.
  • Ensure a healthy weight. It will help remove body fats, which further maintains the healthy hormonal balance, thus boosting the recovery from prostate cancer.
  • Avoid any hormonal fluctuation by eating a proper diet, avoiding stress and mood swings, and taking adequate sleep and exercising.

What Are The Conventional Treatments For Prostate Cancer? 

Conventionally, the following treatments are accomplished for recovering prostate cancer.


In chronic conditions, the prostate gland is removed along with some surrounding tissues through an incision. Removal of the prostate gland is an option only when cancer is restricted within the prostate gland and has not been spread. 

Radiation Therapy

During this treatment, a high-energy beam of light is concentrated outside the prostate to remove the carcinogenic tumor. In other cases, the radiation source may be kept in the prostate tissue, which then releases low-dose radiation and helps cure prostate cancer.

Hormone Therapy

Testosterone, a male sex hormone, is usually responsible for promoting carcinogenic cell division. During hormone therapy for treating prostate cancer, testosterone production is inhibited by taking medications or removing testicles.


It involves the treatment of prostate cancer by administration of drugs. Especially when cancer spreads out of the prostate gland, it is cured using different chemicals.


Natural remedies for prostate cancer can help patients in effective recovery. At the early stage of prostate cancer, these natural cures, along with some other remedies, can result in complete healing. However, if patients are experiencing chronic symptoms, they should immediately seek medical assistance and go with proper treatment for prostate cancer.

Can masturbation cause prostate cancer?

No, masturbation cannot cause prostate cancer. The causes of prostate cancer are still unknown. Anything causing the mutation in the DNA in the body cause the prostate gland cells to divide without any control leading to cancer.

How to prevent prostate cancer?

As the leading cause of prostate cancer is not known, exact precautions preventing prostate cancer are difficult to determine. It is, however, best to follow a healthy diet, reduce your intake of fatty foods, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, sleep well and maintain a healthy weight to prevent illness, including cancer.

How to check for prostate cancer at home?

Prostate cancer cannot be checked at home. However, experiencing the symptoms warning you about prostate health at home can help you detect prostate cancer. For proper diagnosis of prostate cancer, your doctor will prescribe some tests, including a digital rectal examination and PSA screening blood test.

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