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What is the secret to staying out of the doctors office?

Explore how my family stays out of the doctors office and lives a healthy lifestyle.

Your health questions, answered!

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June 8, 2021


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June 24, 2021


8 Natural Remedies for Altitude Sickness

About Me


I'm Justen Beers

I am a 26 year old that grew up in a household of illness and natural remedies. My mom, major stomach issues, and dad, heart problems, never left a dull moment in our house without something health related happening. I am here to share the knowledge of natural remedies and how they helped my family, my friends and myself over the 21 years that I can remember. I hope you find my website helpful and the information useful. I would love to hear from anyone about their situation, you can contact me below!


Do natural remedies work?

Natural remedies do work! Surprisingly, natural remedies can work better than standard medication, prescriptions and doctor ordered drugs that harm you.

Can I use natural remedies while on medication?

The quick answer is maybe. Some remedies include certain ingredients or supplements that can conflict with medications. It is always best to contact your primary doctor before attempting or using any natural remedy to ensure that there are no reactions.

What are the benefits of natural remedies?

They are NATURAL! The likelihood of you having any adverse affects from natural remedies is very low and if you can cure yourself naturally, why would you elect to use harsh chemicals and manmade drugs? I think you can see... the benefits = sky's the limit. 

My friend told me natural remedies are fake and don't work, how can I believe that something natural or made at home can cure me?

Your friend just hasn't done enough research or has been informed by someone who has been misinformed. Natural remedies or anything related are not guaranteed, but either are drugs and unnecessary procedures. Did you know? According to the CDC and Mayo Clinic, up to one-third to one-half of antibiotic use in humans is unnecessary or inappropriate... and that is just antibiotics (you get the hint).

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