Hydrocele infrequently affects males; just 1 in 100 men will experience it at some point in their lives. This ratio is far larger in newborns, yet in these infants, hydrocele recovers on its own without medical intervention. These facts demonstrate that hydrocele is not a chronic condition. Therefore, people rarely seek medical attention for it. Home remedies are considerably more effective and simple to use for men with hydrocele than traditional treatments for a full recovery. As a result, we will go into detail about at-home remedies for hydrocele in this article.

What Do You Mean By Hydrocele?

Hydrocele is the scrotum’s inflammation due to fluid accumulation in the thin sac surrounding the testicle. 

Most babies younger than one year suffer from hydrocele and recover without any treatment. An injury that negatively impacts the scrotum might cause hydrocele in elderly adults as well. 

If you notice that hydrocele is not recovering among children and symptoms worsen, seek medical assistance immediately.

Causes Of Hydrocele

Children and adults suffer from hydrocele due to different reasons. Hydroceles can result from inappropriate growth and development of the sac surrounding the testicles among newborn babies. Due to some abnormalities, fluid retains in the sac surrounding the testicles and results in hydrocele.

While among older people, injuries affecting the scrotum are the potent reasons for hydrocele. Injuries cause inflammation or swelling around the testicles following the accumulation of the fluids.

Symptoms Of Hydrocele

There are no specific symptoms associated with hydrocele. However, patients may have to experience the following conditions when suffering from hydrocele.

  • Testicular pain
  • Heavy scrotum
  • Swollen scrotum
  • Testicular swelling

At-Home Remedies For Hydrocele 

Hydroceles can be efficiently treated with home remedies. Here are discussed easy-to-follow and effective at-home remedies for hydrocele in detail.

Try an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt bath for hydrocele

Taking a bath in warm water with added Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) effectively alleviates hydrocele. The heat provided to the pelvic region due to warm water helps stimulate the movement of body fluids. The blockade causing fluid accumulation in the scrotum can also be removed by a warm sensation which helps alleviate this condition.

The salty content of the water bath tries to pull out the body fluids, which allows accelerated fluid movement in the scrotum. Magnesium in Epsom salt helps relax the musculature of blood vessels, which can ease fluid circulation, recovering fluid accumulation.

All the properties of the Epsom salt warm bath we discussed help alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by hydrocele. By reducing swelling and providing analgesic properties to the scrotum, this home remedy prevents the condition from worsening and boosts healing.

To apply this home remedy, heat the water at a moderate temperature. Avoid overheating the water; otherwise, it can burn your skin and worsen hydrocele. Add a few cups of Epsom salt to heated water and sit in this water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. While sitting, try to slightly expand the legs to allow water to benefit the scrotum. Avoid sitting longer in a water bath, as dehydration can occur, resulting in more uncomfortable symptoms.

Avoid STDs

Male reproductive infections and sexually transmitted disorders can potentially cause hydrocele among adult males. When a male engages in excessive sexual activities, there are more chances of getting reproductive infections such as syphilis, which can disturb the physiological function of the testes and surrounding areas. This further alters the fluid circulation in male reproductive areas, leading to fluid accumulation in the scrotum. Even if STD is not a cause of hydrocele, getting STDs after hydrocele can make the symptoms worse.

Therefore it is always recommended to avoid excessive engagement in sexual activities. Always use prevention measurements while undergoing intercourse.  Regular testing ensures you and your partner do not suffer from reproductive infections. Immediately seek medical treatment if you notice any exaggerated symptoms related to the reproductive tract, especially the scrotum.

Wear Scrotum Supportive Underwear 

Wearing supportive underwear during sleeping and athletic cups while performing extensive physical activity can boost the recovery from testicular hydrocele. This at-home remedy can promote normal fluid circulation in the scrotum, thus alleviating the fluid accumulation around the testes and relieving hydrocele. Even if you are not suffering from hydrocele, wearing supportive underwear can reduce the risk factor of hydrocele by preventing scrotum fluid accumulation.

Avoid Extensive Physical Activities

When suffering from hydrocele, pressure on the pelvic region can worsen your condition, including exaggerated inflammation and pain. Therefore it is always recommended to avoid physical activities such as riding, wrestling, and others that can exert pressure on the scrotum to promote boosted healing.

Consume Ginger

Ginger is always known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Patients suffering from hydrocele should increase their consumption of ginger either by drinking ginger tea or in raw form. The active ingredients in ginger will help reduce pelvic inflammation and boost the recovery from accumulated fluids.

You can prepare ginger tea by adding its extracts or pieces to boiling water. Then, strain the boiled water and drink it after the tea reaches a tolerable temperature. Drink ginger tea at least twice a day until you recover from hydrocele.

Perform Specific Exercise And Yoga Poses

Exercises helping in strengthening the pelvic muscles can work effectively in treating hydrocele. A wide range of kegel exercises and men-specific yogas are available, which help alleviate hydrocele symptoms. Let’s look at some of the most effective yoga poses that hydrocele patients should perform.

Shoulder stand Pose

It involves raising your legs vertically and pointing your feet while grasping your pelvis with your hands. Ensure you are not putting pressure on the neck region. It allows the body to stay in a vertical position, which allows the backflow of fluid from the scrotum, reducing inflammation.

Eagle pose

One leg is crossed in front of the other while the hands are brought together at face level, and the arms are crossed between them. Although this position requires balance, it can help patients alleviate pelvic-related disorders, including hydrocele.

Cow head poses

Legs should be crossed so that the soles of the feet are on the outside of the hips. Hold your index finger with your left hand while extending your right arm behind your back. In this position, the spermatic cord is aligned better, allowing the removal of accumulated fluid from the scrotum.

Apply Ice Packs

cold ice pack-one of the at-home remedies for hydrocele

The application of ice packs on the affected area is another effective home remedy for treating hydrocele. Ice packs will lower the pelvic region’s temperature, which reflexes the boosted blood circulation in the scrotum. It also aids accumulated fluids to leave the scrotum and undergo normal circulation, thus helping with hydrocele symptoms.

To get beneficial effects from this remedy, take a few pieces of ice and fold them in a towel or a fabric. Then apply these folded packaging on the affected pelvic region. Repeat the same procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

Eat Fibres

Eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber, such as natural veggies and fruits. Dietary fibers promote healthy digestion and prevent many gastrointestinal disorders, including constipation. Patients suffering from hydrocele are strictly recommended to avoid constipation. It is because constipation puts pressure on the pelvic region while passing the stool, which can worsen the symptoms of hydrocele. Therefore, eating a fiber-rich diet is the best home remedy to prevent constipation and reduces the risk of worsening hydrocele among males.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is needed to ensure recovery and boost the healing process from hydrocele. Most of the time, sexually transmitted diseases, toxins, and infections are the reason which causes the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum. If a person is not taking enough fluid, the body cannot remove the infectious microorganism or toxins from the body.

Therefore it is always recommended to stay hydrated by drinking purified water. You can also increase your fluid intake by drinking healthy juices and shakes. Remember, increased fluid intake does not mean excessively increasing fluid consumption. Drink whenever thirsty and calculate the number of glasses you take in. Adding lemon to water will boost the healing properties of water. Lemon offers rich anti-oxidant properties which reduce the scrotum inflammation and treat hydrocele.

Try Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies can also effectively alleviate hydrocele at home. Here are two effective herbal remedies which can help you in treating hydrocele.

Prepare a mixture of black pepper with cumin in warm water. Apply this mixture to the affected portion of the pelvic region. Leave the mixture on the affected area for a few minutes and then wash using warm water.

Make a mixture by adding aloe vera and amla juice in adequate amounts of water. Drink this mixture in the morning before breakfast. This herbal mixture offers anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates hydrocele symptoms.

How To Treat Testicular Hydrocele Effectively?

If you get a cough while suffering from hydrocele, immediately treat the cough by taking medications or other healthy ways. It is because coughing can put pressure on the pelvic region, increasing inflammation and worsening the hydrocele.

Eat a healthy diet, such as fruits, eggs, and vegetables. Try to eat fruits in daily meals for at least 3 to 5 days when you suffer from hydrocele. Fresh vegetables can be added as they are easy to digest. Adding eggs with whole wheat bread is also a good option to go with when suffering from hydrocele.

Avoid nicotine consumption. Stay away from alcohol. Otherwise, consuming these ingredients adversely affects the CNS and endocrine functioning, which can exacerbate hydrocele symptoms.

Avoid wearing too tight clothes. Tight clothing puts strain or pressure on the pelvic region and increases the hydrocele symptoms, including pain and inflammation.

How To Prevent Testicular Hydrocele?

Testicular hydrocele, when developed before birth, cannot be prevented among newborn babies. In this case, adopting proper prenatal care is the only left option that can reduce the risk factors of fluid accumulation in a newborn baby.

Check out if anyone in your family history has experienced hydrocele. In rare cases, hydrocele can occur due to genetic issues. Therefore keeping a check and adopting preventive measures can reduce the hydrocele risk.

Use condoms during intercourse. It prevents you from sexually transmitted disorders and reduces the chances of hydrocele.


There is not always a need to seek medical treatment for the recovery of hydroceles. Certain home remedies can help patients alleviate their symptoms appropriately. Changes in dietary products and daily life activities can reduce the inflammation of the scrotum and boost the backup flow of accumulated fluid around the testicles, thus treating hydrocele at home.


Can hydrocele cause erectile dysfunction?

Hydrocele cannot directly cause erectile dysfunction. However, the physiological changes occurring in the body due to hydrocele can increase the risk factor of erectile dysfunction. In cases when hydrocele leads toward erectile dysfunction, there is no need to worry because this kind of erectile dysfunction recovers when hydrocele is treated.

What to wear after hydrocele surgery?

Wearing tight underwear is usually recommended after hydrocele surgery. It helps in the prevention of the accumulation of fluid around the testicles. You should continue wearing fitted and tight underwear for at least a week after hydrocele surgery.

What happens when a hydrocele bursts?

There are rare cases when hydroceles burst. It can cause infection in the surrounding area. The blood supply towards the scrotum may also be affected due to the bursting of hydroceles.

The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only. Always consult your primary care doctor before using the remedies that are provided. The information is provided by The Hidden Cures and while we do timely, in-depth research on the information that we provide to you, everything stated may not be up to date or accurate from the time it was written.

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