Male newborns usually suffer phimosis, which usually disappears within a few years. Besides baby boys, phimosis can also affect the man of young and adult age. Many affected men prefer to resolve this issue at home rather than go to the hospital or clinic. Here are some effective natural home remedies for phimosis that can make this condition comfortable for males, so keep reading.

What Do You Mean By Phimosis?

The medical condition in which the foreskin cannot retract or pull back from the tip of the penis is called phimosis. As a result of this condition, the foreskin becomes tighter. It occurs most often in uncircumcised baby boys.

Young boys suffering from phimosis do not need treatment in most cases. They go for phimosis treatments only if they face difficulty during urination. On the other hand, if adults suffer from phimosis, they need proper medical assistance to alleviate the symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Phimosis?

The common phimosis symptoms involve:

  • Inability to pull back the foreskin
  • Tighten foreskin
  • Swelling in foreskin
  • Difficulty during urination

What Causes Phimosis?

The phimosis occurs randomly among boys. There is not a fixed ratio of boys suffering from phimosis. You can say that it is a naturally occurring disorder. However, some common causes observed during phimosis include:

  • Forcely retracted foreskin in patient’s medical history
  • Infection affecting foreskin
  • Inflammation in the foreskin
  • Swelling in the glans
  • Poor hygienic condition of the foreskin

Effective Natural Home Remedies For Phimosis

Men often do not treat phimosis properly because they feel shy about seeking proper medical attention. To deal with this condition, they are left with only natural and home remedies that work efficiently for phimosis. Here are mentioned the common home remedies for alleviating phimosis.

Use Steroidal Creams

Steroid creams are the most effective way of treating phimosis. Men using steroidal creams for phimosis have found remarkable recovery from the tightened foreskin. These creams work by inhibiting collagen production which helps enhance the flexibility of the foreskin. 

Both over-the-counter or OTC and prescribed creams of steroids for treating phimosis are available in the market. One of the most commonly used steroid creams for phimosis includes betamethasone cream or betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% or 0.1%. 

Phimosis patients often ask how to apply phimosis cream. You can follow the below-mentioned simple steps when applying steroid creams for phimosis.

  • In a thin layer, apply steroidal cream to the foreskin.
  • Make sure that cream has been applied completely around the penis tip.
  • Ensure that the skin absorbs the cream by massaging it gently.
  • Try to pull back the foreskin by hand gently.
  • Continue stretching the foreskin and stop if you feel pain.
  • Perform this procedure once a day.

Steroid creams often are not enough to treat phimosis. Adding foreskin stretching exercise and phimosis ring accelerates recovery. Applying steroid cream while sitting in a hot water bath also boost the loosening of the foreskin. 

There is no time fixed for applying steroid cream. You can simply use creams following the stretching exercise. Using steroid cream at night on the penis allows the cream to absorb completely in the skin, as the whole night gives considerable time for to cream to show its effective results.

It takes 4 to 8 weeks to recover from phimosis with both steroid cream and phimosis exercise. Remember, you must use the over-the-counter steroid cream in a limited amount. Foreskin is the sensitive part of the penis, and topical steroids can damage the skin when applied in excess. Due to the increased risk of steroid side effects, the counter sale of most steroid creams in pharmacies is prohibited.

Practice Phimosis Exercises

Males suffering from phimosis can perform two stretching exercises: active and passive. Passive exercise refers to the stretching of the foreskin without applying physical forces. Small equipment such as phimosis stretchers or rings is commonly used to undergo passive stretching.

While going with passive exercise, find out the phimosis ring of suitable size. When worn, the phimosis ring should not be too tight to cause pain or too loose to fall from the skin. Follow the below-mentioned steps while exercising with phimosis rings.

  • Pull back the foreskin.
  • Press the perfect-sized ring against the glans inside the phimotic band.
  • Hold your hand until the phimotic band reaches the outer diameter of the ring, then release it.
  • In the beginning, practice weaning the phimosis ring for about half an hour.
  • Use steroidal creams, ointments, and oils for lubrication to prevent dryness while wearing phimosis rings.

Remember that you must extend your wear duration when you become used to the phimosis ring. You will notice that this ring starts to come off frequently after a few days or weeks. That means it’s time to switch to the next small-sized ring and continue stretching.

On the other hand, active stretching involves applying physical force to the foreskin with the hands or other small instruments. Here are mentioned easy steps to perform active phimosis exercises.

  • Hold the phimotic band with your thumb and index finger on opposite sides.
  • For 30 seconds, gently pull in the opposite direction.
  • Allow it to relax for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the above process at least 5 times at once.

There are some other ways of performing active phimosis exercises. For example, you can simply move the back and forth of the foreskin using your thumbs and forefingers. Use any lubricant, such as oil or cream, during phimosis exercises.

What Kind Of Creams Or Oils Can You Use For Phimosis?

You can use both steroidal and non-steroidal creams for phimosis. Steroidal creams such as betamethasone cream can be used on the foreskin, as discussed. Men looking for non–steroidal creams can go with fore-stretch creams and different oils, as discussed below.

Non-Steroidal Creams

Non-steroidal creams such as fore-stretch cream are another effective way to deal with phimosis. The working methodology of nonsteroidal cream is the same as that of steroidal cream. It works by loosening the foreskin tissue. Unlike steroid creams, fore-stretch cream does not impose any risk of skin damage. 

You can apply fore-stretch cream in the same manner you apply steroid creams, as discussed above. While performing phimosis exercises either by fingers or using rings, you can apply this cream. The effect of the fore-stretch cream remains for about 36 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to use this cream just once a day. 

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra-virgin coconut oil is the best oil a man can ever go with for phimosis treatment. The main plus point of this oil is that extra virgin coconut oil is compatible with the sensitivity of the foreskin and glans. It excludes all risk factors’ interaction of toxic and harmful substances with the foreskin and glans.

Due to the fatty acids in extra-virgin coconut oil, this oil poses remarkable antifungal properties. These properties reduce infection risk factors in the glans and foreskin, which otherwise can worsen the condition. This oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which control the condition by preventing inflammation.

You can simply use extra-virgin coconut oil while performing phimosis stretching exercises. Apply this oil on the inside and outside of the foreskin and on the whole area of the groin. The layer of coconut oil covering the glans, foreskin, and groin tissues prevents fungus growth, thus restricting infection.

Opt for an oil free of toxins and allergic compounds when seeking extra virgin coconut oil. Remember that true extra virgin coconut oil is slightly yellow in color with a naturally mild fragrance.

Extra-virgin Castor Oil

Extra-virgin castor oil is the best option for males with over-sensitive glans. While applying this oil to the foreskin and nearby tissues can be handled smoothly due to its thicker consistency than coconut oil. Its antifungal properties are also higher than that of extra-virgin coconut oil. You can use this oil in the same manner as you use extra virgin coconut oil.

Conventional Treatment For Phimosis

The treatment of phimosis at hospitals and clinics includes surgery, antibiotics, and various phimosis equipment. All of these conventional treatments are discussed in detail here.

Phimosis operations

Phimosis operation is the most effective and permanent treatment of phimosis. This operation is also known as circumcision surgery, a widely known way of getting rid from tighten foreskin. 

Men willing to undergo this operation can facilitate the opportunity of this surgery both in public hospitals and private clinics. It takes at least three weeks to recover after phimosis surgery.

However, some side effects are observed among the man undergoing phimosis surgery. The men who undergo this surgery feel ashamed and uncomfortable about having undergone penis surgery. Further, the experience of having the foreskin removed with a scalpel cause discomfort for patients.


A man looking for phimosis treatment without surgery due to economic crises or psychological difficulties can opt for phimostop. Following the concept of skin dilation, various precisely shaped, skin-friendly medical silicone tubes have been manufactured to be applied to phimosis. These silicon tubes are known as phimostop in the medical world.

Phimostop with a specific diameter puts pressure on the foreskin. It helps in loosening the tightened foreskin tissues. When the factors that led to the development of phimosis are removed, the foreskin’s flexibility gradually returns with the use of phimostop. In this method, there is no risk of permanent removal of penis tissue, and patients satisfactorily recover from phimosis.


Antibiotics are prescribed for treating phimosis when bacteria are the cause of tightened foreskin tissues. The phimosis symptoms, including swelling and discomfort during urination, can be alleviated using prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics work by inhibiting the growth or killing the bacteria causing the infection in the penis tissues. Always recommend a urologist before taking any antibiotics for phimosis.

Laser Circumcision

Laser therapy is the best way to remove the penis tissues with minimal invasion. Laser circumcision treats phimosis without involving any type of cuts and stitches. It reduces the risk factors of side effects and any kind of infection. Additionally, laser circumcision allows patients to recover instantly compared to surgical circumcision.


If you are uncomfortable seeking medical attention in the public sector, you can use natural home remedies to treat your phimosis. The most effective way to recover from phimosis involves using steroidal creams and ointments, extra-virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin castor oil, stretching phimosis exercises, and phimosis rings.

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