About one out of every three males suffer from premature ejaculation at some stage in their lives. It causes discomfort and loss of pleasure during sexual activities, and males may start to resist intercourse due to premature ejaculation; thus, it destroys the quality of life among couples. But, the good news is males with premature ejaculation are not always needed to visit medical centers for their recovery. There are effective home treatments available that can help patients control premature ejaculation. Here we will discuss premature ejaculation home remedies in detail, so keep reading.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation refers to the condition when a male ejaculates semen earlier than required during intercourse. Premature ejaculation is a prevalent sex-related ailment occurring among males, which causes discomfort and reduces the pleasure of sexual activities.

It is a treatable condition. Males suffering from premature ejaculation should look for effective remedies and recovery strategies. Even at-home remedies can be an effective treatment for males to recover from the symptoms of premature ejaculation. If you cannot recover from premature ejaculation with home remedies, it is always recommended to consult your doctor and seek proper medical checkups and treatments.

How To Diagnose Premature Ejaculation?

Males experiencing the below-mentioned conditions are considered to be suffering from premature ejaculation.

  • They may ejaculate within just one to three minutes of penetration during intercourse.
  • They lose control of the ejaculation during sex. The ability to delay ejaculation is negligible among males with premature ejaculation.
  • Males can undergo stress and depression due to premature ejaculation, and they prefer to avoid intercourse to get rid of premature ejaculation.

Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation

Males suffering from premature ejaculation cannot control or delay the ejaculation for more than one to three minutes after penetration during intercourse. Not necessarily; during intercourse, any kind of sexual arousals, such as during masturbation, can stimulate penis hypersensitivity and result in premature ejaculation among males. In some cases, premature ejaculation can persist lifelong from when it started among males. 

There are also cases reported when males feel like they are suffering from premature ejaculation, but their symptoms are not clear enough to be diagnosed as premature ejaculation. In these cases, it is advisable to undergo proper testing and diagnosis under the supervision of your doctor.

Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

The exact causes responsible for premature ejaculation are not clearly defined. In most cases, psychological causes result in adverse hormonal changes in the body and are considered the culprit for premature ejaculation. If some biological abnormalities also occur with psychological conditions, risk factors of premature ejaculation increase among males. Some of the main causes responsible for premature ejaculation are listed below:

  • Psychological conditions such as sexual abuse, experiencing sexual activities at an early age, depression, stress, anxiety, and emotional disturbance can be the leading cause of premature ejaculation.
  • Erectile dysfunction causing anxiety and stress among males, can also be a leading cause of premature ejaculation. Anxiety about maintaining an erection during intercourse when a male suffers from erectile dysfunction can sometimes result in premature ejaculation.
  • Hormonal imbalance, particularly adverse fluctuation in the level of testosterone in the body, can be a leading cause of the inability of males to control ejaculation during sexual activities.
  • Abnormal release of neurotransmitters and other chemicals from the brain, which are responsible for signaling and coordinating body functions, mainly sexual activities, can result in premature ejaculation.
  • Bacterial attacks causing infection in the prostate gland or the urethra and producing inflammation in these areas can also cause premature ejaculation among males.
  • In some cases, hereditary characteristics or chromosomal abnormalities can affect males and result in premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation Home Remedies 

Here is mentioned the detailed discussion for the males looking for premature ejaculation home remedies.

Use Topical Creams

Topical creams are the best home remedies for treating premature ejaculation. These creams contain anesthetics that help in the temporary control of premature ejaculation. The anesthetic properties of these topical creams delay penis sensation when applied. You can say that there are specific numbing agents in topical creams for premature ejaculation that delay the climax and help males to have satisfactory intercourse.

For cream application, males have to set free about 20 to 30 minutes earlier before intercourse. Apply the cream to the penis head before 20 to 30 minutes of sexual activity. Let the cream produce its effect for at least 15 minutes, and then wash the penis. The use of condoms during intercourse can boost the effectiveness of topical creams. It helps in delaying the climax, thus adding plus points to the functions of numbing creams. 

Also, there are condoms available in the market which already have some numbing agents on their inner sides and are helpful for males with premature ejaculation. The side effects of topical creams include a burning sensation, acute to mild pain, irritation, temporary loss of penis sensitivity during intercourse, and decreased libido.

Use Topical Sprays

Topical sprays work with the same principle as topical creams do for premature ejaculation. Sprays such as lidocaine desensitize the penis and control its hyperactivity, thus reducing the symptoms of premature ejaculation. These sprays also delay the climax or orgasm among males. For the application of topical sprays, it is always the best option to use them at least 15 minutes before intercourse. Some males can experience side effects due to the usage of topical sprays on the penis. These adverse effects include itching, burning sensation, difficulty in erection maintenance, and temporary loss of penis sensitivity during intercourse.

Increase Your Zinc Intake

Zinc is often recommended for males experiencing sexual dysfunction and fertility-related complications. Studies have shown that males suffering from zinc deficiency are more likely to develop infertility. But why is zinc so crucial for sexual functioning among males? Remember, testosterone is the main male sex hormone responsible for developing primary and secondary sexual characteristics among them. This hormone is also responsible for the maintenance of sexual functions among males. Zinc plays a crucial role in the development of testosterone. 

So, in some cases where increased testosterone levels can help males recover from premature ejaculation, zinc can be an effective remedy. Males can increase their zinc intake naturally by eating zinc-rich foods. In other cases, zinc supplements are also an option. The recommended dose of zinc supplement is 220 mg of zinc sulfate twice a day. But you must consult your doctor first about your dose and duration before taking zinc supplements to reduce the risk factor of adverse effects. Excessive zinc consumption can result in side effects, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, gastric ailments, and renal malfunctioning.

Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium deficiency can be a promoting reason for premature ejaculation among males. It is because more muscle contraction occurs when the body is magnesium deficient, which can affect orgasm and cause premature ejaculation. 

Maintaining the blood magnesium level can help prevent uncontrolled muscle contraction and reduce the risk factor of premature ejaculation. Males can increase magnesium intake by adding magnesium-rich foods to daily meals or by taking magnesium supplements. Supplements must be taken on the doctor’s recommendation as there can be adverse effects depending on the existing health conditions of males.

Try Ayurvedic Remedies

Using herbal ayurvedic medicines can also be an effective home remedy for premature ejaculation. Mucuna pruriens is a famous Indian herbal medicine that is used for treating some health ailments such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, snake bite, and obesity.  Studies have found that this herbal remedy can also be helpful for treating premature ejaculation because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Recommended dosage form of Mucuna pruriens involves capsules that should be taken with lukewarm water twice a day. Patients using this remedy are observed with significant recovery from the symptoms of premature ejaculation. There is also the risk of side effects such as abdominal cramps, decreased libido, and dizziness associated with this herbal remedy. Therefore it is always advisable to consult a doctor and then proceed accordingly. It will help reduce the side effects and risk of drug-drug interaction in the body.

Perform Kegel Exercise 

Kegel or pelvic floor exercises can also help males treat premature ejaculation without visiting a doctor. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can control hypersensitivity and delay the climax among males. Also, males who regularly perform kegel exercises are at less risk of premature ejaculation.

Before performing the kegel exercise, you must locate your pelvic floor muscles. It can be done by stopping peeing midstream and detecting which muscles are responsible for this stoppage. Now, you are ready to do pelvic floor exercises. Find a comfortable position for yourself. You can perform this exercise both by sitting or lying down. After attaining the specific position, contract the pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds. Then, relax these muscles for the next 3 seconds. Repeat the whole procedure 10 times at once. You should practice this kegel exercise at least thrice a day.

Once you get used to the duration mentioned above for kegel exercise, try to increase your contracting and relaxing time of pelvic floor muscles. It will help strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce the risk factor of premature ejaculation. Keep breathing normally while contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles. 

Use Stop-Start Technique 

It is a planning technique to control premature ejaculation during intercourse. In this technique, a male lowers or delays the climax or orgasm by getting a pause in sexual activities. 

Men suffering from premature ejaculation stop sexual activity when they feel the urge to ejaculate. Take a break and wait until you feel less excited or aroused. After a delay, intercourse can be continued. This process can be repeated whenever patients feel the need to control premature ejaculation. Taking breaks in intercourse whenever the risk of premature ejaculation arises helps males stop the uncontrolled stimulation and orgasm, thus boosting male recovery.

Use Squeeze technique

It is the physical way of controlling premature ejaculation during sexual activities. This method works when the feeling of orgasm is near to occur. During intercourse, when it makes sense that premature ejaculation is about to occur, he must squeeze the penis shaft for about half a minute. Squeezing will help in partial control of premature ejaculation and relieve orgasms.

Adapting this method frequently during intercourse can help males effectively control orgasm, climax, and premature ejaculation.


Masturbation can be an effective home remedy for recovering premature ejaculation. It allows males to learn how to control premature ejaculation following orgasm during intercourse. Physical arousal by using masturbation can help males in controlling their hypersensitivity efficiently.

Regular practice with masturbation allows the male to be aware of overactivity and its controlling method during sexual activities.

Engaging in masturbation for at least an hour is recommended for males to overcome premature ejaculation.


Males suffering from premature ejaculation can follow all the home remedies mentioned above to alleviate their symptoms. In most of cases, home remedies are effective enough to allow patients to have regular intercourse. In conditions where a patient cannot control ejaculation during intercourse even after the application of home remedies, it is always the best option to visit a doctor and undergo proper medical checkups.

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