Tuesday March 7, 2023

Mouth and Teeth

Mouth and Teeth

Your mouth and teeth are essential organs with tons of functions. You use them to smile, frown, eat, speak, and kick-start digestion.

Your mouth is very important for speech while the teeth help in forming words by controlling airflow from the mouth. The teeth also help in cutting, tearing, and grinding food to prepare for swallowing.

Despite the various functions of the mouth and the tongue, several disorders can affect the teeth and tongue leading to difficulty in feeding, digestion, talking, eating.


Cavities are little holes in your teeth. They are caused when a sticky bacteria, called plaque, builds up on your teeth, slowly destroying the hard outer shell, called enamel.

Chipped Tooth

This is a commonest type of dental injury. It can be caused by an accident or the application of force on the teeth.

Impacted Teeth

It refers to an adult tooth that doesn’t come in properly. It occurs when a tooth is stuck against another tooth, bone, or soft tissue.

Cracked Tooth

This refers to a painful crack in a tooth. Symptoms may include pain that comes and goes when chewing or eating certain foods.

Hyperdontia (Too Many Teeth)

This is a rare condition that occurs when there are extra teeth. People with it can also have another condition like a cleft palate or Gardner’s Syndrome, that forms non-cancer tumors.

Cooked Teeth

Crooked teeth occur when the teeth are misaligned and happen in many children and adults.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancers comprise cancer of the gums, lips, tongues, cheek, the floor of the mouth, and hard and soft palate.

If your teeth are sensitive, you might feel pain or discomfort after having cold or hot foods or beverages.

Tooth Sensitivity

It is also known as “dentin hypersensitivity.” It happens temporarily after a root canal or a filling. It can also occur due to gum disease, a cracked tooth, receding gums, and worn-down fillings or crowns

Gum Problems

Gum problems include diseases that affect the gum. They include bleeding, tenderness of the gum, gingivitis, and a buildup of plaque.

Have you experienced any of these disorders? Do you need effective tips on how to prevent these diseases? Do you want to keep your mouth and teeth healthy?

At The Hidden Cures, we provide you with natural, safe and effective ways of treating mouth and teeth disorders. We also provide you with holistic tips that will keep your mouth and teeth healthy and strong.

Here are some of the things you will learn here:

  • Natural, safe and effective remedies for the above-listed disorders.
  • Vitamins and supplements for healthy teeth and mouth.
  • Natural products for your mouth and teeth.
  • How to prevent the above-mentioned disorders of the teeth and mouth.
  • and much more!

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