Canine halitosis is no fun at all. When you ask anyone who has ever spent an extended period in a car with a panting smelly-breathed pet, they would tell you how disgusting the smell is. However, there is a solution to this problem in dogs. You can curb the stink with natural remedies for bad dog breath.

A build-up of harmful, odor-causing bacteria in the dog’s mouth is often the cause and can be treated at either a doggy dentist’s office or the vet’s. These bacteria can also be in the gut of the dog, not just the mouth alone. However, before you go ahead visiting a professional, you can first try the natural home remedies that can help put your dog’s stinky breath in check and leave your pet fresh and ready for more kisses.

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What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?

Before trying natural remedies for bad dog breath, the most important thing is understanding why your dog’s breath might be offensive. Periodontal disease is regarded as a significant cause of bad breath in dogs. This condition is suffered by over 80% of dogs over the age of three.

Food particles usually mix with bacteria in the dog’s mouth whenever it eats, and if your pet’s teeth are not brushed immediately after eating, the residue forms a film called plaque. The build-up of plaque can harden into tartar if not brushed away, and so when tartar build-up develops between the gum line, it can result in periodontal disease.

There is also a range of other medical issues that can result in bad breath in dogs, such as gastrointestinal issues, liver or kidney disease, and diabetes. If your dog’s breath is consistently foul, and you take note of other symptoms such as excessive drinking or drooling, loss of appetite, or vomiting, do not hesitate to inform your vet about all these.

How To Treat Bad Dog Breath

Curing bad breath in dogs depends solely on the cause, but luckily there are quite a few treatment options out there besides the natural remedies for bad dog breath. If tartar, plaque, and periodontal disease are behind your dog’s bad breath, consult your veterinarian to check if your dog is a candidate for a dental cleaning. Your vet will run bloodwork to ensure that your dog can handle anesthesia. While cleaning, it may demand that your vet remove damaged or loose teeth, depending on the scope of the periodontal disease.

Another way to minimize your dog’s bad breath is to limit your dog’s access to unpleasant outdoor discoveries, such as roadkill. Also, placing the litter box outside of your dog’s reach will eliminate the consumption of cat feces, unless the cats are also pooping outside, and cleaning up directly after your dog can help prevent coprophagia (the consumption of feces). Once the underlying issue has been corrected, bad breath in your dog should go away.

Top Products for Bad Dog Breath

Top Products for Bad Dog Breath
Top Products for Bad Dog Breath

In place of natural remedies for bad dog breath, you can try making use of the following products:

Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set

These tools are created from durable, pet-safe materials, so you get more value when purchasing the product. The triple-headed toothbrush has a unique bristle head design that can clean teeth from multiple angles simultaneously; this will make brushing easy and fast.

DentaCare Daily Oral Care – Dental Sticks

This daily treat prevents plaque build-up and removes tartar, giving your dog a healthy set of teeth. As a bonus, these chewable treats help in freshening your dog’s breath.

Dog Chew Stick Toothbrush

The build-up of tartar is nothing to joke with, especially when your dog’s dental health is concerned. With this non-toxic, durable toothbrush stick, you can ensure that your dog’s teeth are getting cleaned without having to do it yourself. This toy is also relatively safe.

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

With patented enzymes, this foaming formula of dog toothpaste does not require rinsing.

You can quickly get any one of the top products for lousy dog breath from any pet store in your locality; you do not have to wait for your dog’s breath to go bad before you start using them.

Natural Remedies for Bad Dog Breath

Natural Remedies for Bad Dog Breath
Natural Remedies for Bad Dog Breath

Here are some simple home remedies for that bad breath in your dog:

1. Carrots

Carrots contain beta-carotene, and because of this, they are the perfect remedies to combat bad breath while also rewarding your dog for a job well done. Rather than going for processed dog biscuits, keep a container of fresh cut-up carrots in the fridge to give your furry pal all day.

2. Coconut Oil

Everyone who knows the importance of coconut tends to use it for almost everything – cooking, cleaning, skincare, the list goes on. Coconut oil is fabulous for dogs as well. It freshens not only breath but also aids in digestion, boosts metabolic function, and also fantastic for treating your dog’s coat and skin. Coconut oil is straightforward to incorporate into your dog’s daily diet. Just mix coconut oil or drizzle it onto their food or offer a spoonful as a treat. Dogs always love the taste, and you’ll be surprised to find out how amazing it is for them.

3. Pinch of Parsley

Parsley is considered the king of garnishes because it provides various minerals and vitamins to help in vision, immunity, and kidney health. It is also generally known as a breath freshener. Add a small quantity of parsley to your dog’s food, or you can mix it with water to create a juice that you can pour into your dog’s water bowl. Ensure that you are choosing the curly leaf variety of parsley.

4. Lemon

As already mentioned, the bacteria in your dog’s mouth ultimately lead to bad breath; other health conditions can also result in canine halitosis. However, the high acid in citrus fruits can help kill bacteria and serve as a natural deodorizer. By simply dropping a few pints of lemon juice into your canine’s water bowl, you can quickly help your pet combat bacteria and give it some fresher-smelling breath. Lemon is one of the simple but effective natural remedies for bad dog breath.

5. Mint

If your dog’s bad breath is the result of bacteria in his gut or indigestion, mint might be the perfect solution. This herb has been proven to soothe the stomach, promote healthy digestion, and ultimately prevent stomach acid from causing bad breath. Mint and other plants also contain the green pigment known as chlorophyll, which has natural healing abilities.

How to Make Breath Mint Cookies for Dogs

  • Three cups of flour (using two cups of tapioca flour and 1 cup of coconut flour will make cookies tender and sweet)
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda
  • Half cup chopped fresh parsley leaves (or cup dried)
  • Half cup chopped fresh mint leaves (or cup dried)
  • Three tablespoons of coconut oil
  • One egg
  • cup yogurt
  • cup applesauce
  • 4 cups peppermint extract (not too much)

One tablespoon of powdered chlorophyll

Two tablespoons of activated charcoal (for animal/human consumption)

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Gently put the rack in the middle of the oven.
  3. In a food processor, blend (on pulse) all liquid ingredients.
  4. Add mint and parsley to the food processor and pulse to combine. (Optional – add chlorophyll and charcoal). If the charcoal is in tablet form, crush it into small particles.
  5. Add 2 cups of flour and the baking powder – a small amount at a time. Pulse until the dough holds together. Add remaining flour. You want the dough to stick together so you can roll it out.
  6. Divide the dough in half and roll it out on a board with sprinkled flour on it.
  7. Cut out the dough into small shapes.
  8. Place the cut cookies onto cookie sheets covered with parchment.
  9. Bake for twenty-five minutes until the dough is no longer soft but not browned.
  10. Please turn off the oven when the cookies are done for added crunch, but leave them inside to cool more slowly.

6. Yogurt

Hydrogen sulfide is one of the compounds that are created by bacteria in your dog’s mouth. Hydrogen sulfide is also responsible for what many believe to be the ‘rotten egg smell’ that results in bad breath. However, yogurt acts as an antidote to this type of bacteria and can help reduce hydrogen sulfide when eaten two times a day. By mixing yogurt into your dog’s food every morning and night, you will be helping them fight the unpleasant ‘rotten egg’ smell caused by bacteria. Also, yogurt is high in calcium which is perfect for a healthier mouth and stronger teeth.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Sprinkle a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in your dog’s water bowl to give him an effective and easy way to drink up better breath. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic and malic acid in high concentrations; these will assist in killing the bacteria that result in bad breath. Apple cider has a blend of minerals such as magnesiumpotassium, and calcium – all these minerals are essential in supporting the overall health of your dog’s mouth. Many dogs enjoy the tangy taste of ACV.

8. Water

Besides staving off dehydration, water is also an essential part of ensuring fresh breath. A moist mouth assists in keeping some of the odor-causing bacteria at bay and helps in proper bodily function, which is critical. Always make sure that your dog has unrestricted access to fresh, clean water, especially in the summer months.

9. Homemade Treats

You can try making DIY treats that will help in freshening the stinky breath of your dog. You can create some breath mint at home by blending eggs, oat, coconut oil, water, and mint. Cut the mixture into small shapes. Bake it for 35-40 minutes under the temperature of 325ºF. Allow it to cool off before serving your dog altogether. Ensure that you feed your canine sparingly.

10. Neem

Like coconut oil, neem (an extract from the neem tree) is one of the beautiful botanicals that give many benefits to dogs health-wise. Besides the fact that it is great for the coat and skin, neem is also perfect for promoting oral health in humans and hounds. If you can get neem in capsule form, add one capsule to the dog’s food twice weekly.

11. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass plants can either be bought or grown at home. Always give a small amount of wheatgrass to your dog. The wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, and it’s a beautiful odor-neutralizer. You are free to turn the wheatgrass into a special treat for your canine companion by pureeing the grass and then freezing it in an ice cube tray.

12. Fruits, Veggies, & Treats that Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath

Some numerous crunchy vegetables and fruits can freshen your dog’s breath and clean its teeth. As your dog chews them, they work a bit like a toothbrush, breaking up plaque build-up, and tartar, and getting rid of small food particles. Bite-size pieces of apple slices, celery, and carrots can help your dog in fighting bad breath. Puppies that are still teething might enjoy biting on small frozen carrots.

Final Thoughts

Nobody enjoys stinky breath when trying to cuddle up with their canine companion. Still, with all the natural remedies for bad dog breath already mentioned, you can relax knowing that the foul breath of your dog will no longer knock you out. So go ahead and pucker up, snuggle up, and allow the kisses to begin!

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