As many men very often go for a proper testosterone test, it may be challenging to determine the exact percentage of men suffering from low testosterone levels. In contrast, one study found that two men in 100 have low testosterone levels—the risk of low levels of testosterone increases as men get older. 

Furthermore, diabetics and obese men are more likely to develop diabetes. Traditional methods of boosting testosterone may produce results, but they come with serious side effects. Therefore, it is always best to use natural remedies for boosting testosterone. Keep reading to learn more about impressive natural remedies for low testosterone levels.

natural remedies for low testosterone levels

Why Is Maintaining Testosterone Levels Important?

Testosterone is the androgen hormone responsible for producing male sexual characteristics. Females also have testosterone in their bodies but in very small amounts. A deficiency of testosterone can lead to infertility among males. In contrast, excess production of testosterone can lead to infertility among females. Some of the main functions accomplished by testosterone in males are mentioned below:

  • Regulation of sexual drive
  • Development of muscles
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Maintenance of bone mass
  • Distribution of fats in the body
  • Maintenance of male fertility 
  • Production of sperms

In females, a small amount of testosterone is responsible for the following functions:

  • Regulation of sexual drive
  • Strengthening of body muscles
  • Maintenance of bone mass

Thus, to complete all the above-mentioned functions among males and females, it is necessary to maintain the required amount of testosterone. Fluctuation in testosterone amounts can lead to serious side effects, including loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count among males.

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Level 

Some of the most prominent symptoms of low testosterone levels among males include:

  • Weakness of body muscles 
  • Loss of muscular strength 
  • Loss of body hairs
  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Depression or stress
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tiredness or lethargy
  • Mood swings

Impressive Natural Remedies for Low Testosterone Levels

Here are some of the best natural remedies for low testosterone levels to boost testosterone naturally.

Maintain Healthy Weight

It has been observed that men suffering overweight have relatively lower testosterone levels in the blood. The research conducted among young men aged 14-20 who were obese found that these fat men had about half the amount of testosterone in their body as compared to the normal weight boys of the same age. Low testosterone due to obesity is primarily caused by disturbed hormonal functioning.

Obese males are at risk of diabetes mellitus type 2, further linked to insulin resistance. Body cells become resistant or insensitive to the insulin hormone, and the body becomes unable to break down sugar leading to high blood sugar levels. The condition further complicates maintaining testosterone levels in the blood. In addition to insulin, adverse fluctuations in the many other bodily hormones due to obesity lead to decreased testosterone levels.

Besides obesity, being underweight can also be a reason for low testosterone. Males with low body mass index and malnourishment have been observed with inadequate testosterone hormone production and release. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is the most crucial step in boosting testosterone naturally.

If you are obese, take up weight-loss exercises, follow a keto diet, reduce your calorie intake, avoid eating fatty meals, avoid alcohol, avoid stress, take proper sleep, and stay hydrated to lose weight. With a lower body mass index, you can take supplements, eat a nutrition-dense diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor if you cannot maintain your weight even after following all the already-mentioned ways.

Take Proper Sleep

Sleeping well and getting plenty of rest is another way to boost testosterone levels. Several studies have shown that men taking inadequate sleep have low levels of testosterone level. Men who sleep for only five hours a night have a 10% to 15% reduction in testosterone levels, according to a 2011 study.

Lack of sleep negatively affects chemicals and hormones, resulting in low testosterone levels. For example, cortisol produced by the adrenal glands starts releasing in excess amounts when a person is not getting enough sleep which is further linked with a low testosterone level.

The results of another study indicate that men who sleep about nine hours have a better testosterone level. It does not mean that every man should go for 9 hours of sleep. The sleep cycle of every person varies from one another. Sleeping at least 7 hours is recommended for every person to get improved testosterone production. 

Avoid Stress

man under stress

Persistent stress leads to an increased level of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is the stress hormone released when the sympathetic nervous system becomes activated during fight or flight conditions and is inversely linked with the testosterone in the body. More cortisol production also leads to weight gain by increasing appetite, another factor suppressing testosterone levels.

According to a study conducted on the saliva of males under stress, they have relatively low testosterone levels compared to normal males. To increase testosterone levels, it is necessary to relieve stress by taking a healthy diet, eating a proper diet, engaging in different healthful activities, practicing yoga, and exercising.

Increase Vitamin D Uptake

Vitamin D deficiency can also be an important reason for decreased testosterone levels. Several studies have shown that men suffering from vitamin D deficiency have improved testosterone levels after taking vitamin D supplements and other ways to increase vitamin D levels.

Males should go for their vitamin D tests. If they are found deficient in vitamin D, it is recommended for them to take recommended vitamin D supplements. Besides supplements, exposure to the sun is another way of increasing vitamin D production in the body. A minimum of 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure is enough to boost testosterone levels. A vitamin D-deficient male can also benefit from consuming foods rich in vitamin D, such as salmon, fatty fish, and fortified milk.

Remember that increasing vitamin D intake, whether by supplements, foods, and sunlight, will boost the testosterone level in males suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Men who are not suffering from this deficiency cannot benefit from increased vitamin D intake for improved testosterone production.

Improve Your Diet

Intake of a balanced diet is among other natural remedies for low testosterone levels. Having healthy meals helps maintain the hormone levels in the body, which keeps testosterone levels normal. It is usually recommended to increase the intake of protein. Calories from protein pose no obesity risk since it is the safest source of calories.

Sufficient protein intake helps in losing weight by reducing the appetite. Protein-rich diet makes a person feel full without eating much, thus preventing overeating. Taking an adequate intake of healthy fats is also beneficial for testosterone production. In some studies, a low-fat diet has been associated with low testosterone levels. Therefore, it is always recommended to maintain a healthy diet that contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

Avoid Alcoholic Consumption

Regular alcoholic consumption adversely alters testosterone production. Recent studies have proved that excess alcohol consumption is always linked with decreased testosterone levels. Heavy alcoholic use badly alters testicular health, usually leading to testicular atrophy, further suppressing testosterone production.

Alcohol intake also impacts the reproductive glands and male sex hormones, which causes a decreased level of testosterone. Therefore it is always the best idea to avoid the intake of improve body testosterone levels. Keeping all alcoholic beverages out of the house and replacing them with sodas or alcohol-free drinks is the best way to avoid alcohol.

Eat Testosterone Boosting Foods

Testosterone-boosting foods are vital natural remedies for low testosterone levels. Among the best foods for boosting testosterone are:

Fatty fish 

Fat-deficient diet has also been linked with suppressed production of testosterone. Fatty fish such as salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for testosterone production in the body. Besides fatty acid, fatty fish is also a rich source of micronutrients such as vitamin D and zinc, which play an essential role in testosterone production.


You can get sufficient proteins, healthy fats, and micronutrients, mainly selenium, by eating egg yolks. Both protein and healthy fats are needed for the production of testosterone, as we discussed above. Selenium also boosts testosterone production and releases it from the testicular cells.

Dark Green Edibles

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale are rich sources of magnesium. It plays an essential role in the healthy production of testosterone by preventing the testicular cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Men should increase their intake of leafy green edibles to maintain adequate testosterone levels.

Antioxidants-Rich Fruits

Fruits rich in antioxidants effectively promote testosterone production by preventing the testicular cells from oxidative damage. The top fruits high in antioxidants, mainly flavonoids, include cherries, pomegranates, and berries. These fruits ensure adequate testosterone production by preventing the inflammation of the testes and nearby cells.


Avocados are a rich source of healthy fats and minerals, including boron. Both healthy fats and minerals are needed for boosted production of testosterone. Studies have shown that boron is the trace mineral needed to maintain blood testosterone levels.

Watch Your Medication Intake

Certain prescribed medicines accomplish their function by lowering the body’s testosterone level. Mainly the medications taken for lowering the cholesterol level have been found to interact with bodily hormones, including testosterone. Therefore, you must inform your doctor if you are already taking some medicines to prevent any drug interaction.

Perform Certain Exercises

Certain types of exercises, including deadlifts, back squats, bench presses, bent-over-row, shoulder presses, chin up, and pushups, are always linked with boosted testosterone levels in the body. 

weight training

Studies have also proved that weight lifting and other strengthening exercises have a bigger effect on the body’s testosterone level. If one goes overboard with these exercises, testosterone levels can drop, causing adverse effects.

Try Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies can be one of the best natural remedies for low testosterone levels, as discussed below.


Garlic is associated with an improved level of testosterone in the body. There are three main types of garlic supplements: fresh, dried, and freeze-dried. Besides the solid dosage form of garlic, extracted garlic oil can also be consumed for beneficial effects on testosterone production.

Malaysian Ginseng 

Due to hypogonadism, Malaysian ginseng is usually recommended for males with low testosterone levels. Research has also shown that men taking regular ginseng supplementation are found with improved testosterone levels in their saliva. This herbal remedy is also effective in treating the other symptoms of low testosterone production, including osteoporosis.

Saw palmetto 

This herbal remedy may also prove effective in increasing testosterone levels. In research, beta-sitosterol-enriched saw palmetto oil was beneficial for men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Studies have shown that saw palmetto oil not only relieves the symptoms of BPH but also increases the testosterone level in the body.

What Are The Conventional Ways Of Boosting Testosterone? 

Conventional, different supplements are usually recommended to males to boost testosterone production in the body. One of the most effective supplements is vitamin D, as discussed earlier. Besides vitamin D, doctors can also prescribe you some other supplements, as discussed below:

Zinc Supplements

Zinc deficiency can also be the reason for low testosterone production. Zinc is needed for the healthy production of testosterone by the testes. Males suffering from zinc deficiency should maintain their blood zinc level by taking supplements. 

Zinc is recommended for daily consumption at 11 mg, but you should consult your doctor about the dosage of zinc supplements before taking them, as increased zinc consumption may cause side effects. Besides supplements, males can enhance zinc intake by eating zinc-rich foods such as red meat, seafood, beans, and nuts.

DHEA Supplements

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)  is the hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is involved in producing other hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. Low levels of DHEA in the body can also be a reason for low testosterone production. In this case, taking DHEA supplements is an option. 

Remember that the effectiveness and side effects of DHEA supplements for boosting testosterone need to be adequately clarified. Some studies prohibit the intake of DHEA supplements because of their severe side effects, such as reduced HDL cholesterol levels and interaction with other hormonal production. Therefore, must consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

L-arginine Supplements

L-arginine can improve the symptoms of low testosterone mainly by boosting the blood flow toward the testes. Studies have shown that L-arginine supplements cannot raise the production and release of testosterone among males. However, symptoms caused by low production of testosterone can be alleviated. Must consult your doctor about the arginine dose before taking these supplements.

Testosterone Boosters

am athlete showing booster

Different testosterone boosters commercially prepared by various companies are available in the market. The prime role of these boosters is to promote energy production, strengthen muscular mass, and reduce fat storage in the body by increasing the testosterone level. You can buy these boosters either through any nearby store or online platforms. Must go through the reviews of the relevant booster before buying.


Various natural ways can be followed up to boost the testosterone level in the body, as we have discussed above. Since natural methods often interfere with the body’s own metabolism, using natural remedies for raising testosterone is the best method. If someone cannot improve his testosterone level even after following all-natural remedies for low testosterone levels, he should consult a doctor.

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