In studies, one out of four males with abnormal sperm morphology were found with semen testing. This ratio is considerably high among males, which puts them at risk of developing infertility. The ability of a male to fertilize an egg in the body of a female may completely disappear if left untreated. 

Natural remedies are preferable to conventional treatments when recovering from an illness. Here we will find out how to improve sperm morphology naturally in detail, so keep reading.

What Is Teratozoospermia?

Teratozoospermia, also known as teratozoospermia, is the condition in which there occur defects in the head, midpiece, or tail of the sperms in a male. There occurs abnormality in the morphology of the shape of the sperms in the male, which negatively affects fertility.

Abnormal morphology alters the motility of the sperm cells, which further alters the sperm’s ability to reach the egg and fertilize it in the female body. Not all men suffering from teratoospermia need to lose their ability to become a parent. It depends on the ratio of the normal sperms to the abnormal sperms in the male.

Symptoms Of Teratozoospermia

An important symptom of teratozoospermia is being unable to conceive for more than a year, even after frequent sexual relationships. Other symptoms can include: 

  • Loss of sexual drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pelvic pain
  • Altered body hair growth

Remember, teratozoospermia cannot be detected or diagnosed through its symptoms. There is a need for semen testing which can help patients discover the existing morphological defects in the sperm.

Causes Of Teratozoospermia

Males can experience teratozoospermia due to the below-mentioned reasons.


Older men are at more risk of developing teratozoospermia. As men grow older, there occurs a reduction in fertility. Fluctuated hormonal levels and other bodily variations can alter sperm morphology.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The way you live plays a significant role in your fertility. You may experience changes in the morphology of your sperm due to factors such as smoking, drug and alcohol consumption, diet, exercise, weight, sleep, and stress.


Males having fertility-related issues with their parents are at risk of developing teratozoospermia. Hereditary characteristics can cause chromosomal defects in the sperm-producing cells, which further alter sperm morphology.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause infertility in men. A prolonged period of STDs can also alter the morphology of sperm.

Other Reasons

The morphology and quality of sperm and semen are adversely affected by environmental contaminants. Some professions can expose men to toxins and chemicals more frequently than others, such as agriculture, handling herbicides and pesticides; welding, working with metal; or the plastics industry working with petrochemicals or solvents.

How to Improve Sperm Morphology Naturally?

Research has shown that males can improve the morphology of their sperm with natural remedies effectively. Here’re mentioned all the natural ways to improve sperm morphology in detail.

Eat Fertility-Boosting Food

Following a healthy diet help males maintain the morphology of their sperms. Studies have shown that the diet you follow regularly directly impacts sperm morphology. Eating whole foods such as fruits, veggies, lean protein, a calorie-controlled diet, and low-fat dairy products is helpful for maintaining fertility, sperm count, and sperm morphology among males.

Males should avoid processed, canned, frozen, and fried foods. Eating processed meats especially can prove unhealthy for males. Adding fish to the daily meal can be beneficial for boosting the functioning of the male reproductive organs, which are involved in the production of sperm. Males should avoid adding sources of trans fats to their diet. Also, avoiding soy products is a healthy option for males suffering from teratozoospermia.

Increase Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that maintains sperm health by protecting them from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals produced in the body can cause the oxidation of the sperm cells and the cells responsible for producing sperm. This oxidation adversely alters the synthesis and production of the sperms and results in teratozoospermia. 

Preventing this oxidative stress can help maintain the morphology of the sperms among males.  Also, vitamin C can protect sperm from DNA damage, which can be otherwise a potent reason for abnormal sperm morphology. It has been reported that males with vitamin C deficiency are likelier to develop low sperm count and abnormal sperm morphology and motility.

Taking 90 mg per day of vitamin C is recommended for males 19 years old and older. Vitamin C-enriched food includes citrus fruits such as lemons, grapes, oranges, peppers, cantaloupe, mangoes, broccoli, and cauliflower. Vitamin supplementations can also be taken to increase its consumption.

Increase Carnitine Supplements

Carnitine is the ammonium compound present in naturally occurring foods such as red meat, eggs, fish, and eggs. Studies have shown that carnitine intake can help improve the morphology, motility, and count of sperm among males.

Taking 2 grams of carnitine supplements is recommended daily for males with sperm-related issues. Before taking carnitine supplements, it is recommended to consult a doctor first to reduce the risk of side effects, drug-drug interaction, and drug-health interaction in the body.

Use Olive Oil

Using olive oil instead of soybean oil for cooking purposes is recommended for males looking for improved sperm morphology. Soybean oil offers fats that adversely affect sperm production, its count, and morphology. Therefore, for cooking, baking, or flavoring olive oil should be preferable over olive oil.

Add Ginseng To Your Diet

Ginseng is a natural herbal remedy for improving sexual complications among males and females. When it comes to teratozoospermia, studies have shown that ginseng can help females improve the production of sperm and its morphology. 

By maintaining the count and morphology of sperms among males, ginseng is famous as a fertility-boosting herbal remedy. Males can go with ginseng supplementations when looking to improve their sperm morphology.

It is recommended to consult with the homeopathic expert before taking any kind of ginseng supplements. Remember, any health institute does not approve of ginseng, and there is not enough evidence showing the efficiency of ginseng for improved morphology of sperms among males. 

Also, there is a risk of ginseng interacting with other medications and health conditions existing in the body. When you buy ginseng supplements, make sure to buy them from a trustworthy source, as the manufacturing process of ginseng supplements also greatly affects their efficacy.

Increase Vitamin E Consumption

Studies have shown that vitamin E can help maintain the morphology of the sperm in males. For males 14 years old and older, taking 15mg of vitamin E is recommended daily. Vitamin E-enriched foods include asparagus, almonds, red bell peppers, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds.

Increase Your Lycopene Intake

Lycopene is the carotene present in significant amounts in tomatoes. It acts as a potent antioxidant that helps maintain the morphology, motility, and count of sperm among males. Adding more tomatoes to your daily meals is recommended to increase the lycopene intake.

Taking 10,000 micrograms of lycopene daily is recommended for males looking for a healthy lycopene intake. Eating tomatoes and tomato-based products can help attain this recommended lycopene intake. You can add tomato to your daily meals while cooking, having tomato sauce with your diet, and drinking tomato juice are other options to boost the lycopene intake.

Take CoQ10 Supplements

Coenzyme Q10 is the substance present in almost all body cells and is responsible for converting food into energy. It is a potent antioxidant in natural food such as meat, whole grains, and fish. Due to its antioxidant properties, it protects sperm from oxidative stress and helps maintain sperm morphology.

Studies have shown that this coenzyme is beneficial for maintaining the morphology of the sperms.  Natural sources cannot offer sufficient coenzyme Q10, so taking its supplements is preferable.

Maintain Your Weight

Higher BMI puts males at risk of developing teratozoospermia. Therefore, it is always recommended for males to maintain their weight. Work toward your weight loss goal by consuming fewer calories and exercising regularly to achieve it.

You can lose weight in several ways by exercising strenuously and adapting other weight loss strategies. If you cannot lose weight by just exercise and diet, you must consult your doctor and proceed accordingly.

Perform Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that men who exercise regularly are at low risk of suffering from fertility issues. The morphology of sperms can also be prevented from any damage by means of regular exercise. Therefore it is always recommended that males exercise on regular exercises for at least 30 minutes a day.

Males can perform any exercise, such as walking, swimming, biking, and other aerobic exercises. If you are not used to any exercise, you can start with a shorter duration at the start. Increase the exercise duration by up to an hour and maintain your exercise routine to prevent teratozoospermia. 

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

It has been reported that males who smoke are more likely to develop fertility-related diseases such as low sperm count, altered sperm motility, and abnormal sperm morphology. Therefore, avoiding or quitting smoking is always recommended to prevent disturbance in sperm morphology. You can replace your cigarettes with chewing gums and lozenges of your favorite flavor to avoid nicotine consumption.

Similarly, smoking also puts males at risk of having low-quality sperm and adversely alters fertility. If you want to boost to improve the morphology of the sperm, you must avoid alcohol and alcohol-based beverages.

Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chlamydia and gonorrhea, both sexually transmitted diseases, can cause infertility in men. There can also be a change in the morphology of the sperm if STDs continue for a prolonged duration.

Therefore it is always recommended to have safe intercourse. It can be accomplished by limiting the frequency of sexual activities, limiting partners, and using precautionary measures such as condoms for sex.


The inability to conceive a child after frequent intercourse for a duration longer than 1 year can be due to abnormal sperm morphology in males. Many natural ways can help males maintain and recover the shape, motility, structure, and size of sperm and boost fertility among them. If you are still unable to recover from teratozoospermia through natural remedies, it is always recommended to consult the doctor and undergo proper checkups and treatments.

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